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Wood Floor Advice

By On January 31, 2016 Under Floor Sanding

It has been made evident through our experience that flooring is a very personal choice. Tastes vary greatly and one person can instantly discount a particular floor covering where another would have it as their first choice.

We have found that a slight exception to this rule is wooden flooring. Why is this? It may be that there is such a huge variation in types that the aesthetic appearance can cover a large range of different styles.

From traditional to the most modern properties, wooden floors can offer elegance and richness. Wood floors compliment hallways and individual rooms alike. Some of our clients have invested in this floor type solely in their hallway to make an impactful statement on entrance. Others have it in individual rooms and others have a wood floor running through the entirety of their home.

Wood Floor Restoration Lancashire

Any floor that has suffered heavy use will need restoration to effectively turn back time and offer a floor that looks like it was just laid. This is where our wood floor restoration services come into play. We fully sand and restore all types of wood floors. This includes oak floors, maple flooring, pine floors, parquet flooring and all other varieties in between.

Every job that we complete still offers that sense of pride once the floors have been fully stripped back and re-finished. We have happy to say that the pride and sense of achievement never leaves our thoughts on completion of our wood restoration work.

Our services are available for domestic floor sanding and commercial work also. We are on hand to offer a tailored service at a time that is convenient for you. Our floor sanding provision has gained us an enviable reputation and we are finding that this recognition is spreading further afield.

Have you got a commercial wood floor that is in desperate need of restoration? Call our expert team today on 0800 852 7188.

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