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Restoring Walnut Flooring Chorley

By On May 15, 2014 Under Floor Sanding, Walnut Flooring, Wood Grain

Walnut floors are a really popular hard wood flooring; this can sometimes be attributed to their rich dark brown colouration. Walnut floors add a lot of character to a room and are tough under foot. It will naturally become a focal point for the room, grabbing the attention of anyone visiting your home.

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It is important, however, that your walnut floor is grabbing the attention for all the right reasons as a skilfully restored floor will exude luxury and warmth. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for a tired and worn-looking floor.

We were invited to clean and restore this walnut flooring in Chorley. The clients were fascinated by the wood grain and wanted to have it restored to bring out the grain again as it had started to be hidden behind the lifeless look of the wood floor.

Floor Sanding ChorleyWe fully discussed our services and spoke in detail about what finishes would really maximise and show off the natural wood grains. We used our dust free floor sanding system to fully sand the flooring. This image shows the natural state of the wood boards, showing again the true beauty of walnut.

We then applied a finish that would purely and simply work to show off this but would, however, offer an incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting finish. Regular cleaning of walnut floors is always advised to keep on top of maintenance. The most important part of this is to use the correct cleaning products and techniques.

It is important for us to leave our clients feeling as though they have achieved value for money both in the service that we have offered them and the finish that we have achieved for their wooden flooring. This ethos is how we have built up our reputation and we are currently experiencing increased demand for our services further afield because of this.

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If you have any questions about walnut floors please contact us on 01257 270775. We will make sure to answer your enquiry quickly and look forward to the opportunity of working with you. We hope you agree that the floor sanding process offered an incredible transformation!

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