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How to Sand Wooden Floors

By On October 4, 2016 Under Floor Sanding

We are often faced with questions with regards to the process of sanding wooden floors. Are you looking for information on professional floor sanding? This video was taken to show the intensive process that is required.

This video offers an insight into the main part of the process of sanding wooden floors. It shows you the meticulous approach that is required. Here is some helpful advice on how best to approach sanding:

  • When you are sanding a floor it is important to follow the grain pattern
  • You should move in straight lines
  • Do not try to cover too much area at any one time as this will produce an unsatisfactory finishe
  • Do not try to get too close to the edges as there are other tools that will complete this job in a much better fashion
  • Do not rush; it is important to take your time when completing this type of work
  • Use the correct machinery as this allows a seamless surface in order for the finish to be applied
  • Dust free floor sanding machinery allows you to view your progress as you go
  • It also means that there is virtually no airborne dust whilst the sanding process is happening
  • Remember; however small or large the job is, the approach is exactly the same

We will always approach any job with care and having fully prepared our plan of action. We discuss in our blog the exact process that we follow. The individual challenges that we face allow us the opportunity of applying our expertise.

Whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial floor sander; we are your 1 Stop Company. We offer advice for wood floor cleaning, sanding and wood finishing. This comprehensive package is provided with advice throughout.

Call to request a free survey on 0800 852 7188; we will discuss all of your options with regards to the process and wood finish variants.

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