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Pitch Pine Parquet Block Floor Lancashire

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We are constantly looking at ways that we can keep our potential and existing clients well-informed about their particular type of wood floor and the best ways that they can maintain it.

Pitch pine is a hard, and therefore durable timber that is used for a variety of building uses. The term pitch pine describes a more solid variation; it is often recognised by having a closer wood grain pattern with fewer knots.

This pine floor had clearly experienced a lot of foot traffic over the years in this lovely family home. The image of the hallway shows the overall worn look of the floor. The entrance was in a much worse state and the family felt that it looked unsightly on entering their home.

Parquet Blocks Lancashire Parquet Floor Lancashire







Parquet floors are particularly beautiful and there is a definite resurgence in the laying and restoration of this wood flooring. It is great to see and offers a really unique statement for any building.

It seems to fit well with both modern decors and traditional homes, offering a functional, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting floor type.

We fully sanded the entire floor and then finished it with a water based lacquer. A water-based finish is often quicker drying and is not a pollutant.

Parquet Flooring Chorley Wood Restoration Lancashire







It is well-known within our industry that different wood finishes offer varying challenges. This is where our time-served experience allows us to take strides in front of our competition with our ability to offer a superior finish every time.

If you would like to find out more about wood finishes or your options for wood restoration please call today on 0800 852 7188.

Pine Floor Refit Ormskirk

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A wood floor is a stylish additional to your home and this includes any range from contemporary homes to more traditional properties. Even the best-cared-for wooden floor will require professional care from time to time and it is best to find someone that has a comprehensive range of experience so that they are equipped to deliver the best transformation achievable.

Pine Floor Ormskirk Pine Flooriing Ormskirk






We were employed to complete a full refit and restoration for this pine flooring in Ormskirk. Our client wanted the floor in this room to look more original to match the existing panelling and other feathers throughout the house.

To begin with we lifted a hard wood floor that had been laid on top of the original pine boards. The original pine floor were damaged beyond repair so a new floor was required.

Pine Boards LancashirePine Boards Ormskirk






The new wooden boards were cut from reclaimed pine timber from demolished buildings.

Once the floor had been entirely re-laid, it was fully sanded with our virtually dust free floor sanding process. It was then stained and lacquered to offer an exceptionally long-lasting and suitable wood finish.

Pine Floor Lancashire Pine flooring Lancashire






Our client was so pleased with the end result and the way that it seemed to fit seamlessly in with their existing décor. They commented on our professional approach and didn’t imagine that the result that they gained was even possible. They felt as though they had added a valuable feature to their traditional home.

They also commented on how impressed they were with the way that we finished the job; we remove all debris and clean the floor. This leaves our clients with the job of sitting back and enjoying their beautiful, restored floor.

This is just another reason why so many homeowners select 1 Stop Floor Care to restore their wooden floor. Please contact our friendly staff today on 0800 852 7188.

Pine Flooring Parbold

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There is never a better compliment than when you receive additional work from a previous customer. For prospective clients this provides assurance of our exceptional finishes and focus on offering customer service that cannot be rivalled.

These pictures were taken of the pine floor that had been finished with an oil over two years previously. We were asked back to complete more floor care work and the wood floor looked as good as the day we finished it.

Wood Oil LancashirePine Wood Floor Lancashire







We often look further into our feedback and percentage of repeat custom; it is easy to say that we are very proud of this achievement and have put it down to the following;

  • Pine Floor LancashireWe commit to a high quality service; this forms the basis of our aim for a positive customer experience throughout the process of dealing with 1 Stop Floor Care
  • We have a comprehensive range of services that all our skilled operatives are well-trained in and are on hand to offer detailed support
  • We treat our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy and this flows through to their property and belongings
  • We ensure to answer queries and questions promptly and comprehensively
  • We work hard to earn the trust of our clients
  • Our focus is our customers and we strive to exceed expectations from the point of enquiry through to work completion and beyond

These wood floor images are clear proof that if a wooden floor is restored correctly that it can look great and last a lifetime. The correct wood finish compliments your existing décor and works to protect the floor from further damage and wear and tear.

If you would like to enquire about restoring your pine flooring please call us on 0800 852 7188 and we would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation survey.

Sanding Pine Preston

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Pine wood has a variety of uses and one of the most popular of these is pine flooring. It is a high-quality alternative characterised by its fine, straight and even grain pattern. Any knots in pine are tight and small which gives it a rustic wood finish.

As a wood floor it is durable and attractive in its appearance. When stripped back it is pale in colour, easy to cut and shape, and machines relatively well. This means that any pine restoration project can provide brilliant results.

Pine Flooring Preston Pine Flooring Preston







We were approached to fully restore this pine floor in Preston. The finish of the floor, when we arrived, had lost its original lustre. It had become sun damaged over time and the discolouration left it looking unattractive and unappealing.

Rather than sanding the floor, the previous owner had then covered the wooden floor with carpet. The new owner moved into this house and during a larger restoration project revealed the wooden floor boards.

Sanding Process Preston Sanding Process Lancashire







This client was particularly interested in the sanding process and what was involved. They had a real appreciation of the demanding process required. They knew the look that the wanted to achieve but they were not aware of the wood finishes that would provide that result.

Sanding Pine LancashireThe images show the end product that was achieved through this pine restoration project. The floor was almost unrecognisable and the new finish showed the natural grain and beauty.

Something that really makes wood floors popular is their ability to be unique and individual. They confidently compliment the look of any room and exude quality.

If you are contemplating restoring pine floors in your home please contact us on 01257 270775. Our friendly staff work to assist you through the process so that you are offered instant assurance that you are dealing with a company that will work to exceed your expectations.

Stain Lacquer Wood Finish Ormskirk

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Wood FInishes LancashireThere are many different wood finishes available and the important thing to remember is that there is a reason for different types of finishes. They all have their place and work well in specific applications.

This is where our time-served experience is pivotal to the overall success of our wood floor sanding work.

Wood Finishes OrmskirkWe were approached to restore this wooden flooring in Ormskirk. We spent a lot of time discussing finishes and this allowed us to offer the advice that a stain lacquer would be the most appropriate wood finish for this particular job.

It is undeniable that wood floors are an incredibly attractive and functional flooring choice. The natural grain in wood is intrinsically striking. Floor finishes deteriorate over time and this means that they can start to look unattractive and discoloured. Heat variations and direct sunlight over a long period of time are harmful as the UV rays cause fading and discolouration.

To re-finish a wood floor it is important to restore it with dust free floor sanding. This process strips back the top layer and aged finish and prepares it for the selected new finish. The images show the end result that boasts the best-achievable natural look. Our client was really pleased as their restored floor complimented their newly renovated home.

Wood Finish Ormskirk Wood Finish Lancashire






Pine floors are an ideal choice for many reasons and they suit both modern and traditional settings. They are durable and hard-wearing and ooze character. If you would like 1 Stop Floor Care to sand and restore your pine flooring we invite you to call on 01257 270775 for more information.

Pine Floor Wood Finishes Formby

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Through our time restoring wood flooring, we have identified that people often live with tired and worn-looking wood floors unnecessarily. This may be due to the misconception that employing a wood floor restoration specialist will be extremely costly or the fact that they are unaware of the services that are readily available.

Wood finishes FormbyWood Floor Restoration Formby






This was certainly the case with this job; we were invited to quote for a full restoration of this pine floor in Formby. The initial images show clearly the state of the floor when we arrived. Our client was unaware of their choices in wood finishes as well as timescales of the work.

Firstly, it is important that we answer enquiries quickly and comprehensively. We look to start the process as we mean to go on and offer an honest approach from the point of enquiry through to completion of the work and beyond.

Floor Sanding Machinery FormbyFloor sanding Formby





Secondly, we look to offer all relevant information and detail about the job so that our customers feel that they are making a well-informed decision. Our client was tired of their dark wood floor and wanted to brighten up the room.

We spoke to them about all of our wood finish variations and they made the decision that they wanted a varnished finish to their pine flooring. They did, in fact, want to achieve a high-shine varnished finish to bring a crisp and clean feel to their striking room, filled with impressive features.

Wood Finish FormbyWood Flooring Formby






The boards were fully sanded with our belt sander; the dark colouration was no more! We then used our edging tools to reach right up to the skirting boards and fireplace, offering a seamlessly finished room. This prepared the floor for the application of the varnish.

We hope that you agree that the finished look was nothing short of an impressive transformation. If you would like to enquire about our floor sanding services please call on 01257 270775.

Restoring Pine Floors Preston

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Pine flooring is considered a soft wood, however, this does not mean that it is not a durable flooring choice that if looked after correctly, can last a lifetime. It is a relatively low-cost type of wood and can be successfully restored.

Sanding wood floors PrestonSanding wood floors Lancashire







An advantage of a pine floor is that it is sometimes found as a subfloor in older properties. We were requested to provide a quotation for complete restoration of this pine flooring in Preston. We discussed our dust free floor sanding system and explained the repairs that we could complete to the damaged boards.

Sanding wood floors ChorleySanding wood floors Southport







The areas of this home to be restored were extensive. It was important that we used our valued experience to make sure that the job was completed to the best possible result achievable. This client wanted to achieve a dark, natural tone to the wood floor so we discussed the application of a black hard wax oil.

Restoring wood floors LancashireRestoring wood floors Chorley







This is a fascinating element of our work as individual tastes differ so much. It was also a great job to show case due to the immense improvement we were able to achieve. The wooden floor looked, to the untrained eye, that it was past its best and would likely need replacing. The images of the floor restoration process show the complete transformation.

Restoring wood floors Southport

The end result of this job was a stunning and elegant-looking pine floor. The natural wood grain was clearly visible and the client was left feeling assured that their floor was well-protected and long-lasting.

Restoring wood floors Preston

We do all we can to make sure that each and every client that enquires with 1 Stop Floor Care has the best possible level of experience. We approach every aspect of our business with respect and work hard to go the extra mile.

If you have an aged pine floor that you would like to have respectfully restored please call Ian on 01257 270775.

Pine Flooring Wigan

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Reclaimed Flooring LancashirePine wood flooring offers good value for money and is relatively straightforward to install. The boards are often sold un-lacquered, allowing for flexibility with your chosen finish. They are also suitable for heavy domestic use in many areas of a home including hallway, dining room, lounge, bedroom and even conservatories.

Pine Flooring WiganThis Pitch Pine block floor was originally reclaimed from a Lancashire school. It had been fitted in a high traffic area and so it was badly worn and scratched. This is visible in the first images of the restoration project.

Reclaimed Flooring Wigan


We have noticed an upwards trend in reclaimed flooring. This is a really interesting part of our work and provides us with the opportunity of careful restoration with incredible results.

Pine Flooring LancashireOur client wanted information and advice as to what level of restoration could be achieved.

They wanted to carefully restore the wood floor and wanted easy maintenance once the process had been completed.

Pine wood flooring LancashireAfter fully sanding the wood with our dust free floor sanding equipment we sealed the floor with a hard wax oil which offers low upkeep. The restored pine floor will continue to look good for many more years.

Pine wood flooring LancashireRestoring pine floors is a rewarding process and one that needs to be tailored.

We realise that the floor sanding industry is an incredibly competitive one. We are a family-run business looking to offer each and every client with the best possible service. We are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and to offer a superior service.

If you have any questions about restoring pine wood floors please feel free to call Ian on 01257 270775.