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What you can expect From Floor Sanders

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The challenges of business often mean that Companies are so caught up in their day to day business that they forget that new clients are often not aware of the benefits of their provision.

Floor Sander ChorleyWhilst you are working every day and you are confident of the sanding process and wood repair techniques, it is important that you identify ways in which you can educate your clients and prospective future customers.

The first element is that wood floor restoration is likely to provide a finish that will far surpass your expectations. Many of the problems that face your wood floors can be eradicated through the sanding process.

The second factor is that you should expect a level of customer service that allows you to feel well-informed and cared-for. From the point that you enquire with us we will support you through the process of survey, completion of work and after care.

Floor Sander LancashireThe third element is that your intended finish may change when equipped with all of the information needed for wood finishes. It is likely that you are well-aware of the colouration that you want, however, it is important that this is matched the product that can make sure the surface is long-lasting.

The fourth factor is that there is a dust free floor sanding provision. Some of our clients are not yet aware that this service is available. This offers virtually dust free sanding that offers the following benefits: faster clear up, clear vision for our skilled operatives and avoidance of the usual air pollution.

Set your expectations high and do not settle for less. Our professional provision always works to exceed your expectations and leave you feeling that the entire process has run smoothly. We offer cost-effective services. Call today on 0800 852 7188.

Oak Floor Restoration Lytham St Annes

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When we visited this home to quote for a full wood floor restoration it was evident that the flooring was in a deteriorated state. The finish looked uneven and there were large scratches where furniture had been moved.

Our client commented on how it was a distraction and left the room feeling lifeless and lack-lustred. Our client stated that they wanted to breathe new life into the floor as they could imagine what a transformation could offer.

Wood finishes Lancashire Wood floor restoration Lancashire






We discussed in detail about floor finishes and it was decided that a wood lacquer would be the best option. Lacquer is well-known for its ability to withstand heavy use and this is backed by its popularity as a product for wood floor restoration.

The science behind wood floor lacquer is quite complex; its modern blend is available in a range of applications including faster-drying or slower-drying alternatives.

Floor Sanders Lancashire Floor sanding Lancashire






Wood Floor Lacquer Information:

  • A lacquer does not alter the colouration of your wood floor
  • A lacquer will intensify the grain pattern of your floor
  • Once applied and dried, the finish is scratch-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Its application demands experience for an even finish
  • Floor lacquers are suitable for both domestic and commercial properties

The oak flooring was fully sanded; we have invested in state-of-the-art sanding machinery to ensure that the sanding process is fast, efficient and offers a seamless surface, ready for finishing. The wood grain was clearly visible and this part of the process gives an insight into how the floor will look when completed.

Oak flooring Lancashire Sanding oak floors Lancashire






We then applied a lacquer which transformed the room. We offer advice on how long to leave the room before walking on the surface, replacing furniture and other elements that ensure the flooring is given optimum time to thoroughly dry. Our clients were ecstatic with the results.

We are highly-experienced floor sanders and we work throughout Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Our services are friendly, professional and cost-effective. If you would like to request a quotation please call today on 0800 852 7188.

Oak Floor Restoration Preston

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These images show an oak floor that we sanded and oiled with a white hard wax oil. This combination of products is set to make sure that the wood floor remains looking at its best for as long as possible.

Wood Finishes PrestonDurability of wood flooring is often paramount to our clients and they want to know that as well as looking good that their floors will be long-lasting. This is part of our service, offered without exception.

Our experience has led us to be specialists in our trade; knowledge is power and we re-iterate the importance of familiarity with the intricacies of wood in order to produce a superior wood finish.

We enjoy taking the time to discuss our tailored process and trade-specialist products with our clients and have therefore devised some quick tips about using hard wax oil.

  • Make sure to agitate and mix the oil as per the manufacturer’s instructions prior to applying any was oil to your wood boards.
  • Make sure to regularly re-fill your brush to make sure that once you have started to ensure that the boards are evenly and properly coated.
  • Wood finishes will dry quicker in a warmer environment.
  • Ensure to leave your wood floor with an adequate time to fully dry.
  • Different hard Wax oils offered varying finishes; some may offer a change in colour while others may not.
  • It is really important to achieve a smooth and even finish.

White wood finish Preston Hard wax oil Preston







Some feel as though a white-washed wood floor may age but it is evident from these images that they offered a timeless beauty that is both incredibly attractive, functional and durable.

We invite you to call today on 0800 852 7188.

Oiled Oak Floor Wigan

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Oak has the reputation for a sophisticated and exquisite wood type. It is incredible how different it can look when different wood finishes are applied.

We were invited to restore this oak floor in Wigan. The beautiful oak flooring had been coated with a brown-coloured paint previously.

The wood grain was hardly visible and made the room look dark. We recognised what a difference a new finish would make and so produced several samples on the customer’s floor so that they could preview what the floor could look like with the correct lighting and surroundings.

Wood Finish Wigan Wood Type Wigan






After analysis of the samples our customer decided to go with a natural hard wax oil. This product from Pallman is an extremely durable two pack, quick drying oil which enhances the grain. This leaves a natural look to the surface of the floor.

All products that we use from the Pallman range come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. This is another element of our services that provides our clients with assurance that they are dealing with an industry professional.

Wood Restoration Lancashire Wood Restoration Wigan






The process of floor sanding provides individual challenges and it is important to have the skill set and knowledge to adapt the process to achieve the best-possible finish.

We have provided a number of before and after images for this job that show the true transformation that was achieved throughout the home. This is a brilliant example of how a different finish can change the feel of a room.

Floor Sander Lancashire Wood Grain Lancashire






The rooms were left feeling light, bright and modern and our customers were so pleased with the results we achieved.

If you have an old oak floor that is either looking damaged through use or the finish has deteriorated please enquire about our wood restoration services by calling 0800 852 7188 today.

Oak Restoration St Helens

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The following images show an oak floor restoration project that we completed in St Helens. The home owners were tired of the dull-looking wooden floor. They had been using a steam cleaner to clean their floor but felt as though this was making it duller.

Sanding Wood Floors Lancashire Sanding Wooden Floors St Helens







The first two images show the how the floor looked before and during sanding. The third image shows some different wood finishes that we showed to our client. This proves to be a valuable element of our wood restoration service as it allows our clients to see exactly what the floor will look like when completely finished.

Wood Finishes St HelensWhen talking to our clients we identified that people often find it challenging to select the best wood finish as when they view finishes online or in a store they can look different to when it is in their home setting.

It is understood that seeing the test patch in your actual lighting (both artificial and natural), with your wall colours and even soft furnishings can offer you assurance when selecting the best-suited finish.

The entire oak wood floor was fully sanded with our revolutionary dust free floor sanding process. This exciting new service provides an exceptionally even finish and offers a virtually dust free provision.

The seamlessly sanded wooden floor was then stained with a tailored wood stain. We only use best-available wood products which have been carefully selected through use and experience. Once the stain had fully dried a wood lacquer was then applied to achieve the final appearance.

Wood Stains St Helens Wood Stain St Helens







The home owner felt as though we created a much more sophisticated look for their wooden flooring. It renewed their enthusiasm for their oak floor and they especially liked the fact that the process has brought out the natural grain pattern of the wood.

You can enquire about our oak restoration services by calling 0800 852 7188 today.

Wood Floor Restoration Southport

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There are clear best practices to completing the provision of wood floor sanding. These carefully and skilfully work to restore wooden floors to their originally-laid lustre.

Wood floors are well-suited to both traditional and contemporary buildings and offer elegance and style. No two are the same so each creates a unique statement.

This was certainly the case with this floor restoration job that we completed in Southport. Our clients wanted to achieve a modern, natural look that was both durable and hard-wearing. White wood finishes on floors, furniture and other surfaces have become incredibly popular in recent times.

Wood Oil Lancashire Wood Oil Southport







On discussion with our client, it was decided that a white wood oil would be the best alternative. This variation is primarily for interior use. It provides an all-round solution that is straight-forward to apply and can be tailored to provide a bespoke wood finish.

Wood Finishes LancashireWood Finishes Southport A wood oil is best applied thinly and then worked into the surface grain of the wood boards. Almost all of the product should absorb into the wood and the residual amount should remain on the surface.

It is vital at this point to apply the correct amount of oil so that streaks, unevenness and long drying periods can be avoided.

Once the above process has been completed we then finished the surface with a clear oil to offer better protection against scratches, wear and other possible damage. This stage only went onto boost the appearance and helped the natural wood grain to subtly shine through.

Our client was very impressed with the finish that we achieved and was grateful for our professional approach in supporting the process of finish selection.

If you would like to find out more about wood oils and other wood finishes please call 1 Stop Floor Care on 0800 852 7188 today.

Wood Floor Facts Lancashire

By On January 29, 2015 1 Comment

These images show an oak floor that we restored in Burnley. The first image shows the discoloured state of the floor when we arrived. The second image shows the floor sanded back to its natural state and the third image shows the beautiful grain that was revealed with the finish that was applied.

Oak Floor BurnleyOur client felt as though we had left them with a lot of information that benefited them so we thought it appropriate to select some detail that may help you.

What is a wood finish?

Wood finishes are laid as a top coat that offers protection from wear and tear. A finish is a way to offer an individual touch to your wood floor restoration project. There is a huge variety of finishes available and it is part of our superior service to offer information and advice that allows the creation of the best result.

Why are wood finishes applied?

There are two main reasons as to why a wood finish is applied to any wood floor; these include protection from wear, damage and moisture and to enhance the natural beauty and colour of the floor.

Floor Sander BurnleyWhat benefits do wood floors offer?

A wooden floor is timeless in its appeal. Wood floors offer an alternative that is warmer underfoot that a stone floor and have a reputation steeped in history. As they are a natural product, every floor offers a unique look and textures that improves with age. It is also a flooring alternative that is well-suited to under floor heating systems.

Do wood floors expand and contract?

It is a well-accepted fact that some types of wood react more than others. A solid wood floor will be more reactive to temperature and humidity changes than their engineered wood counterparts. A wood floor will expand and contract with the changing seasons and this is completely normal. If it appears that your floor is experiencing changes out of the range to which is acceptable it may be that you require further advice as to whether there is a moisture problem that may need further investigation.

Floor Sanding BurnleyWood Floor Quick Tips:

– Do not wet mop your wooden floor

– Put felt pads under any furniture to prevent damage

– Follow recommended advice with regards to routine maintenance and cleaning

– If your wood floors are damaged; don’t panic. We offer comprehensive services to repair and restore wood floors.

If you would like more information about restoring wood floors please feel free to contact us on 01257 270775.

Restoring Oak Flooring Ormskirk

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We were invited to fully sand, restore and re-seal this oak flooring in Ormskirk. There were a number of rooms in this property that required our attention and benefited hugely from our floor sanding and restoration provisions.

Floor Sander Ormskirk Floor Sanding Ormskirk






It is often not until after the job has been completed that you can appreciate the worn state that they had once been in. A newly restored wood floor just oozes sophistication and with a huge variety of wood finishes; you are able to achieve a unique and tailored look for your home.

1 Stop Floor Care’s, Floor Sanding Values:

Wood Finish OrmskirkQuality Workmanship – our experience in the field of wood floor sanding and comprehensive training ensures that we are best-equipped to deal with the individual requirements of each job. Our approach is relaxed and focused so that we provide our clients with assurance and comfort that we are approachable and helpful.

Trust – this forms the very basis of our company ethos. We pride ourselves on our high standards, coupled with our aim to build a relationship that you feel confident that can be called upon at any time in the future.

Wood Finishes OrmskirkCreativity – it is likely that during the consultation process that we will be able to offer information and advice that will assist the process of achieving a superior result. Whether this is the type of wood finish used, our approach to the job or part of the aftercare service that we offer as standard; we make sure that you are left well-informed.

Reliability – we are in the fortunate position to love what we do and that we have a talent for it. We make sure that we follow up on enquiries promptly and are reliable in our approach to appointments and work schedules. This further works to offer a service that is zero hassle to our clients.

If you would like to find out more about how best to restore oak floors please call 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775.

Sanding Oak West Lancashire

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When the appropriate time comes to renovate your wood flooring, it is also an opportunity to change its look. Your wood floor will look brighter, fresher and renewed. Both deep tones and clear finishes offer an incredible transformation.

Oak flooring West LancashireOak floor West Lancashire







We were invited to restore this oak flooring in West Lancashire. The oak floor was visibly worn, scratched and scuffed and really did not look at its best. The finish on the floor was very old so had started to look very yellow in its tone.

The oak floor boards were carefully sanded with our dust free floor sanding system. The same principles are employed on all our jobs, however large or small. We are committed to raising the standards in wood floor restoration.

Restoring oak flooring West LancashireBona Create West Lancashire







This means that we approach every job with the aim of exceeding expectations at every opportunity. Sanding oak produces incredible results and when discussing the finish that our client wanted to achieve it was decided that they wanted a really natural feel to their oak floor.

We use best-available product formulations that result in an even colouration of the wood. This ensures a cobalt-free low VOC formula, guaranteeing good indoor air quality and healthy working conditions for our skilled craftsmen.

Floor Sander West LancashireFloor Sanding West Lancashire







We offer total solution for the treatment of wooden floors. The images show the results that can be achieved when restoring oak flooring. This room was completely transformed and the oak grain was brought out; this floor went from looking old-fashioned and tired to modern and contemporary.

If you would like to arrange a quotation for oak floor sanding we invite you to call 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775.

Oak Wood Finishes Preston

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The images that we take to put on our floor sanding blog really do tell the story of the work that we complete throughout Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Oak is an incredible natural wood flooring and is used in a huge variety of homes and businesses.

The below images show evidence of oak flooring that we restored in Preston. We have previously worked for this customer and they were so pleased with the floor restoration results that we achieved that they invited us back to quote to restore their beautiful oak floor.

Restoring Wood Flooring PrestonRestoring Wood Flooring Lancashire







The images start with how the wood floor looked prior to starting the restoration process. Over time wood finishes can start to age and discolour; this can sometimes make natural wood flooring appear dated. This was the case with this project and the floor had suffered from inevitable wear-and-tear through years of usage in this busy family home.

Restoring Oak Preston Restoring Oak Lancashire







This striking and classic home boasts some really stylish design elements and the owners felt as though the oak wood flooring had started to detract from this. We wanted to reinstate their floor so that they could, once again, feel proud of it.

Wood Finishes Lancashire Wood Finishes Preston







The images show the continuation through the project; they also provide evidence of our professional approach to our work. We are perfectionists and work to treat your home or business with respect. A large majority of our clients comment on how impressed they are with our care for preparation and protection of their homes.

Oak Flooring Lancashire Oak Floors Preston







It was decided that we would use a natural-looking wood finish to complete the job. This video shows this process as it was completed. Our team are professionally trained and care deeply for providing the best-available service for dust free floor sanding.

If you have any questions about what services are available for sanding oak, please call us on 01257 270775 today. We are specialists at restoring wood flooring and would really appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a quotation.

Sanding Oak Chorley

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Oak flooring is luxurious and opulent and as well as being functional and practical, oak floors are hugely popular. Aged and damaged flooring can look unsightly; our experience has meant that we are well-equipped to deal with the individual requirements of different floors.

We were invited to restore this oak floor on the ground floor of this house. It had been lacquered several years ago and this had begun to wear through in several areas. This resulted in an orange appearance of the floor boards that the owner was very unhappy with.

Real wood flooring ChorleyOak floor Chorley







The wood floor was fully sanded with our dust free floor sanding machinery. This is top-spec equipment that allows us to offer superior sanding results as we are able to monitor the work as we do it, whilst providing a virtually dust free sanding service.

Sanding wood floors ChorleySanding oak floors Lancashire







The oak boards were then sealed with a lightly coloured hard wax oil which works to enhance the natural grain of the wood. The images tell the story of the oak restoration transformation from start to finish.

Oak floor restoration LancashireOak restoration Lancashire







Sanding wood floors takes an in-depth understanding; we offer comprehensive services at competitive prices and never falter on making sure that each and every client feels as though they have dealt with time-served professionals and are left feeling confident they employed the best-possible specialists.

Oak flooring restoration ChorleyWe offer an all-round service and leave you equipped with information on routine cleaning.

If you have any questions about sanding wooden floors we invite you to call Ian on 01257 270775.

Oak restoration is a truly remarkable process and the images on this post show the natural beauty of real wood flooring.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Oak Restoration Bolton

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We were asked to restore this oak flooring in Bolton. It had become worn and scratched and was making the kitchen and dining room look tired and uninviting.

The owners of this house really loved their oak floor and they wanted to see the natural tones and grain of the wood; it was decided that after the floor was fully sanded that it should be sealed with a hard wax oil so that was possible.

Oak Flooring BoltonOak Floor Bolton







The images show us progressing through the floor sanding process; it also showcases the industrial machinery that we use. We have invested heavily in rigorous training and state-of-the-art machinery to make sure that we remain confident that we are able to offer the best possible wood restoration services.

Oak Floorboards BoltonFloor Sanding Bolton







Oak floorboards are warm underfoot and look stunning when restored; the images show evidence of this and the customer was so pleased with how her wooden floor looked after the process.

Our dust free wood floor sanding process eliminates the creation of dust through the floor sanding process. This allows us to monitor our work and, without doubt, produces a superior finish.

Wood Restoration BoltonWood Floors Bolton







If you have children or animals this process is ideal; the traditional methods of sanding created so much dust and the development of dust free sanding machinery has revolutionised our services.

If you would like to find out more about sanding oak floors please contact 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775. You may be looking to start the New Year with clean and beautifully restored wood floors. Contact us today.