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Commercial Floor Sanding at Samlesbury Hall

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Attaining such high quality floor sanding work is such an honour for 1 Stop Floor Care. We have received a well-respected accolade for completing exceptional restoration work for wood floors.

What Can Professional Floor Sanders Offer?

As well as being flexible around existing business commitments, we are able to offer a fast and efficient service. Our aim is to offer an outstanding transformation whilst ensuring absolute minimal disruption. Down time for any business means a loss of earnings.

Commercial floor sander LancashireThis is often the reason why many businesses leave any floor restoration work for longer than necessary. It is thought that the loss of earnings is not worth the difference in the appearance of the wood floor. This is a skewed view because…

The appearance of your floors to visitors is important; if they are scratched and unattractive then it will provide a negative impression. This will be long-lasting. On the other hand, if a visitor enters your property and is faced with crisp, clean floors their association will be positive.

We were invited to restore this beautiful and historic wooden floor in Samlesbury Hall. Samlesbury Hall is a beautiful stately home in Preston, Lancashire. It was part of a larger project and provided an exemplary opportunity for us to showcase our skilled workmanship.

Commercial Floor Sander PrestonThe floor was fully sanded, stripping back the old coatings and surface layer. Our machinery is fast-working and effective. We have invested in the best-available machinery so that we can speed up the sanding work that we complete whilst offering a superior finish.

We are expert commercial floor sanders serving Lancashire and further afield. The results at Samlesbury Hall were incredible and the room was brightened up and would offer a positive impression to future visitors. Have you got a commercial wood floor that you would like us to survey? Call 0800 852 7188 today.

Floor Sanding Advice

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There are varying challenges faced for floor sanders when approaching any new job. No two wood floors are the same so this means that we need to draw on our experience to make sure that we produce the best finish.

Floor Sanding Tips:

Sanding wood floors PrestonIf you wood floor has developed gaps between the boards it is important that these issues are fixed prior to sanding the floors. If these gaps were left it would provide an uneven surface for the sanding process. More gaps and damage would likely appear and the best results would not be achieved.

Make sure to replace wooden boards that are too damaged to salvage. It is important that you carefully consider each board. If these are not replaced, it is likely to create more work further down the line. Do the job right!

Pine Floor OrmskirkIf your boards are sturdy and not damaged by rot or other factors then ensure that they are fixed properly. It is important to check that each board is suitably fixed to the sub floor. This may just take some time to nail them back down but this will make sure that they are secure.

Consider all products that are available; when repairing individual boards it is possible that small issues could be salvaged by some of the incredible product formulations that are available. These filler products require careful application but can produce incredible results.

Blue Wood Stain LancashireDon’t feel pressured to select a hugely different wood finish. It may be that your wooden floors offer a natural look but have been worn through years of use. When you acquire the assistance of a professional floor sander it does not mean that you have to select a drastic colour change.

It is important that all options are considered, but it is vital that if the wood colour you have suits the existing décor that you are not persuaded to select a drastic change. The wood floor restoration process offers an attractive and hard-wearing floor; even selecting a similar finish will provide a transformation.

Are you looking for help to restore your wooden floor? Call 1 Stop Floor Care on 0800 852 7188.

Number 1 Commercial Floor Sander

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We often discuss the tailored approach that is required for commercial floor sanding jobs. It is very often that specific timescales need to be met and this may mean working unsociable hours.

However, 1 Stop Floor Care are more than equipped for the challenges that floor sanding provides. Our experience means that we are able to over a versatile and complete service.

Many issues faced can leave lesser-experienced individuals perplexed. This is why we have built up such an incredible reputation for offering exceptional finishes with a service that we are confident is strides in front of our competition.

We offer a transparent pricing structure so that each element of the job can be accounted for. We also provide additional value for money in our ability to:

  • Complete the floor sanding job in a timely manner
  • Work within required timescales
  • Offer information and advice on wood floor care

We put this video together to show a recent job that we complete in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The images scroll through the process of sanding the wooden floors. The multi-coloured surface needed fully sanding as this was due to be replaced with a smooth, natural-looking wood finish.

The coloured top layer was stripped back in order to produce a primed surface for finishing. We discuss how wood finishes must be applied layer by layer and must be allowed to dry thoroughly in between each coat.

This is another element of commercial floor sanding that needs careful consideration; if the timescales allowed to complete the work it is imperative that the correct wood finish is selected. If an incorrect finish was selected, the project could easily over-run and therefore fall behind the targeted schedule.

If you would like to find out more about 1 Stop Floor Care, commercial floor sanders for Lancashire and further afield please call today on 0800 852 7188.

Wood Floors for Commercial Use Blackburn

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First impressions are so important and it remains a priority to offer a positive one in a commercial setting.

Wood_Grain_Lancashire_275Why is this? Your customers or clients will look for outward ways of positive presentation; this will offer reassurance that you truly care about your business. Secondly; the highest-possible standards need to be set for your employees so that they can take your lead.

When we complete commercial floor sanding projects we ensure the highest-quality finish; our attention to detail is a vital element of this. Although there are variations in each job, there are key stages that must be followed to make sure that the best result is achieved.

Wood flooring can be an ideal solution for many commercial settings including offices, pubs, galleries, museums, clubs, sports halls and shops. Whilst it can handle temperature fluctuations and high levels of foot fall, there will become a time where these factors will take their toll.

Key Stages of Wood Restoration:

Are there any damaged areas? This process will highlight any particularly deteriorated boards. Whether they are scratched or have become dislodged, these issues will need to be sorted prior to any sanding taking place. There are a wide range of wood repairs that can be completed.

Commercial Floor Sanding PrestonPrepare, prepare, prepare! The entire floor needs to be fully swept to remove dust, dirt and particles from the surface. A wood cleanser or degreaser can be used to support this process and remove such contaminants.

Wood sanding: this part of the processes sands the surface of the wood boards using different grades of sand paper. This is completed in conjunction with our trade-specialist sanding machinery. This ensures a seamless and smooth surface for the wood finish to be applied.

Refinishing of the wood floors; whilst there is a huge variety of wood finishes we will always work with you to identify your individual requirements and suggest an appropriate finish. This process protects your floors.

Please call today on 0800 852 7188 to arrange a survey for your commercial wood floors.

Commercial Floor Sanding Lancashire

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We were contracted to restore this tired wooden floor in a school hall in Lancashire. During the survey process we enquired about whether the floor had been restored previously.

We were then informed that the wood floor had been sanded and sealed less than three years ago by a builder carrying out work at the school. It was evident that the quality of the floor sanding was very poor.

Wood Flooring Lancashire Wood Floors Lancashire







The wood finish that they had used to seal the floor had already begun to wear through, leaving bare patches of wood showing. Overall the floor looked in a sorry state, however, we knew with our skilful and exhaustive sanding process that it could, once again, look great!

We were asked to re-sand the wood boards and to apply a wood finish that would provide a light and bright feel. We used a durable, high quality product that would stand the test of time.

Floor Sanding Lancashire Floor Sander Lancashire







Any wood finishes selected need to take into account the usage of the wooden floor that you’re applying it to. This is a certain way to avoid any insufficient sealing and unnecessary wear and tear.

Here are our tips to finding a reputable, skilled local floor sander such as 1 Stop Floor Care;

  • Invest time on researching the company; they should have information and images of work that they have recently completed
  • Make sure that they have a good website with easily obtainable contact details
  • Make sure that contact and communication is straightforward
  • Ask for advice; a time-served professional will be well-informed and will be happy to discuss the process, wood products and any other element of wood floor restoration

Wood Sanding Lancashire Wood Sander Lancashire







It doesn’t cost anything to go the extra mile for our clients. By offering a provision that supplies a friendly, approachable and reliable service with finishes that are long-lasting and durable; we have earned an exceptional local reputation.

If you would like to enquire about restoring wood floors; call us today on 0800 852 7188.

Parquet Floor Restoration Carlisle

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A parquet floor provides beautiful decorative design with geometric patterning. This was certainly the case in the Carlisle Magistrates Court. We started the process by offering an onsite consultation.

Parquet Flooring Lancashire Wood Repairs LancashireThis allowed us to view the wood floor, to offer information and advice and to survey the area required for restoration.

The information we offer is drawn from considerable experience and knowledge of wooden floors. This has allowed us the opportunity to cement a large range of commercial floor sanding jobs throughout Lancashire and beyond.

From this we have earned a reputation that instantly offers reassurance to clients. The parquet flooring at the Magistrates Court required a lot of attention; we advised full wood floor restoration alongside extensive wood repairs.

Although the wooden floor was in an incredibly deteriorated state when we arrived, we could certainly visualise the opportunity for improvement. It was important that we offered this assurance to our clients.

Parquet Floor LancashireCommercial Floor Sanding Carlisle






This confidence came from the appreciation that the parquet floors throughout the commercial property had been very well fitted. The wood floor repairs that were required were as a result of intense daily usage.

Parquet Flooring CarlisleRestoring a parquet wood floor is a highly skilled trade and done correctly can offer a striking wood floor that will last a lifetime.

Our promise is to offer a superior service at every opportunity. Our skilled craftsmen are respectful of your premises and will work to ensure that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. We will tailor our floor sanding services to match individual requirements of any specific job.

We offered advice on the best floor finish to use to make sure that the restored look lasted as long as possible. The end result was one that offered an incredible transformation.

This was a very large job and the images provided just show a proportion of the true scale of the job.

If you have a large commercial floor sanding job that you would like us to survey we would invite you to call our specialist team on 01257 270775.

Commercial Wood Floor Restoration Barrow-in-Furness

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We were invited to restore this incredible wood floor at the Forum in Barrow-in-Furness and are incredibly proud to showcase the transformation that was achieved for this stunning space.

We were required to sand and seal 475m² of tropical hardwood block floors to the Rydal and Grasmere rooms at the Forum theatre and conference centre in Barrow-in-Furness. We are well-equipped to deal with jobs of this size and ensure to work around prior business commitments where possible.

Tropical Hardwood Wooden flooring Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor restoration Barrow-in-Furness, tropical hardwood Lancashire, matt lacquer Lancashire, wood finish Barrow-in-Furness, restoring wood floors Barrow-in-Furness, dust free floor sanding Barrow-in-Furness Tropical Hardwood Lancashire







The customer was considering recovering the wooden flooring with vinyl to hide the dated, dark glossy finish that had resulted from years of usage. In order for us to change the appearance of the floor, it was sanded using our dust free floor sanding system that offers a virtually dust free sanding process. This revolutionary system is incredibly popular with superior results achieved consistently.

Initially, we then coated the wood floor with a tinted primer designed to lighten the wood, leaving it with a more natural looking finish. Following this the floor was finished with three coats of hard wearing commercial matt lacquer that gave the floor an enhanced durable finish that will last for years to come.

Floor sanding Wooden flooring Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor restoration Barrow-in-Furness, tropical hardwood Lancashire, matt lacquer Lancashire, wood finish Barrow-in-Furness, restoring wood floors Barrow-in-Furness, dust free floor sanding Barrow-in-Furness Floor Sander Wooden flooring Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor restoration Barrow-in-Furness, tropical hardwood Lancashire, matt lacquer Lancashire, wood finish Barrow-in-Furness, restoring wood floors Barrow-in-Furness, dust free floor sanding Barrow-in-Furness







A member of staff who has worked at the Forum for over 20 years claimed she had never seen the floor looking as good as it does now and we feel confident that you will agree on viewing the images of the striking floor, once restored.

Our client commented: “Our refurbishment of the Rydal and Grasmere rooms are complete. The floor looks amazing. Completed by the extremely hard working, 1 Stop Floor Care.”

Matt lacquer Lancashire Matt lacquer Wooden flooring Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor Barrow-in-Furness, wood floor restoration Barrow-in-Furness, tropical hardwood Lancashire, matt lacquer Lancashire, wood finish Barrow-in-Furness, restoring wood floors Barrow-in-Furness, dust free floor sanding Barrow-in-Furness







Wood floor restoration not only offers an aesthetic improvement but it also provides a durable and hard-wearing wood finish. First impressions of any business are paramount; if you have any questions about restoring wood floors please contact us on 01257 270775 and we will be happy to help.

We specialise in both domestic and commercial floor sanding.

Wooden Floors for Commercial Use Heywood

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First impressions of any business are pivotal; this offers clear evidence of the requirement for correct processes, techniques and equipment to restore any commercial wooden flooring. We ensure a high quality finish through our professional expertise and our attention to detail is key.

Wood floors in commercial settings are really popular; they look attractive and have an additional practical appeal. We were invited to restore this wooden floor in a Heywood school. On inspection it had experienced the challenge of daily high foot traffic, temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Wood Finishes Heywood Floor Sanding Heywood






It was identified that this floor required our tailored wood floor restoration process. It was badly scratched and worn in areas. We are well-equipped to offer wood floor repairs where necessary. These will be fully discussed through the quotation process.

Our dust free wood floor sanding equipment uses a dust extraction system which avoids the usual enormous amount of dust created throughout the traditional process of floor sanding. It also offers a fast and efficient process with minimal disruption and improved air quality.

Floor Sander  Heywood Wood Floor Restoration Heywood






On starting the job we first identified damaged areas, requiring repairs. We then fully removed any dry particles so that the floor surface was dirt and dust free. We then applied a wood cleanser and degreaser to remove ingrained contaminants.

The floor was then sanded using progressively finer grades of sand paper. This gave the flooring the best possible and smooth finish, ready to be sealed and finished. We offer detailed advice on wood finishes that are best suited to commercial premises as this is part of the formula of achieving the best finish that will last a long time.

Our winning element for commercial floor sanding is our personalised approach; this makes sure that our clients are left feeling nothing but enthusiastic about us and the finishes we achieve. We look to earn your custom for life and will always work consistently to achieve this. Please call us on 01257 270775 for more information.

Floor Sanding Wigan

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1 Stop Floorcare have had the incredible opportunity to sand wooden floors and offer floorcare services throughout the UK and it has enabled us to build up our well-earned reputation throughout the areas that we serve.

Having the website allows us to showcase the opportunities that we have and we are proud to offer information and advice, alongside images that provide evidence of the incredible transformations that we achieve.

Floor Sanding WiganFloor Sander Wigan







It is inevitable that each job that we take on will vary greatly; this may be in the degradation of the floors, stains, level of scratching or restoration that is required. But the one thing that is certain is that our approach to the job is the same every time; we use our vast experience, knowledge of the trade, state-of-the-art machinery and trade-recognised products to produce unrivalled wood restoration results.

Wooden Floor WiganMaple Flooring Wigan







We were asked to completely restore and seal 150m2 of reclaimed maple flooring in Buckley Theatre School in Wigan. It was a great job to start the New Year with and we photographed the progress of the work from start to finish.

The wooden floor was originally taken from Lancaster University and the Theatre School had the opportunity of relaying it; a cost-effective and respectful restoration in introducing historic and carefully crafted wooden floor boards to their studio.

Wood Floor Restoration WiganFloor Restoration Wigan







We discussed the process of floor sanding with our clients and we were careful to reduce disruption to the school. Our professional approach was duly noted and the job was completed from start to finish in 2 ½ days.

Wood Restoration WiganWe also wanted to make sure that we provided an incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting finish so it was advised that the wood floor should be finished with a very hard-wearing two pack commercial floor lacquer. This finish would not only make sure the floor remained looking like-new but it would stand up to the usage within the studio.

The maple floor, when restored, completely altered the look of the studio and it projected the right image of the Theatre School. If you would like to discuss dust free wood floor sanding services please call 01257 270775 for more information. We are well-equipped to deal with all sizes of wood floor restoration work and invite you to enquire via our website or by calling today.

Floor Sanding in Blenheim Palace

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One thing that time-served experience allows you the benefit of is opportunities to complete floor sanding jobs all over the country. Demand for our services enabled us to restore the wood flooring in Blenheim Palace, one of the most incredible and historical buildings in the UK.

Commercial floor sanding requires a different approach to that of our domestic clients. Historical buildings require further understanding and appreciation of their delicacies and the importance of skilful precision and care.

A number of wood floors throughout the building required restoring and the pictures below show evidence of the incredible results that were achieved. Our Company was carefully selected due to our experience, knowledge of the trade and our ability to complete the work to the highest possible standards.

Pitch pine floors are incredibly popular and are known for their heat retention. They are strong and durable and improves with time as the colours deepen. However, over time this pitch pine flooring had suffered from general wear and tear. The boards were looking terribly scruffy and it did not offer any benefit to their surroundings.

The wood sanding process completely eliminates this and prepares the flooring to be finished. Scratches, scuffs and markings are carefully sanded away with our industrial floor sanding machinery. The boards were then sealed with a coloured hard wax oil.

Wood Sanding LancashireFloor Sanding LancashireWood Floor Sanding LancashireFloor Sander Lancashire













The images show the amazing wood floor restoration results in the function and conference rooms. If you have any questions about our floor sanding services or would like to find out more about what options you have when restoring wood floors please contact us on 01257 270775.

We work hard to make sure that you are equipped with the information and detail necessary throughout the process.

Commercial Floor Sanding Lancashire

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We are specialist floor sanding specialists based in Chorley, Lancashire. We have built up a positive local reputation and have had the benefit of customer references and recommendations. This means that our services are sometimes requested further afield.

Floor Sander PrestonWe were invited to be part of a large flooring restoration project in The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Vast expanses of wooden flooring have huge impact and are both attractive and require relative low maintenance and upkeep with the right advice.

Floor restoration requires specialist machinery, products and in-depth knowledge of the correct process. This combined with an appreciation and understanding of how commercial floor sanding differs in requirements from that of a domestic job is imperative.

The first part of the process involved the use of an industrial belt sander which striped down the wood floor. Varying levels of grits were then used in order to remove scratches, stains and old treatments, left on the boards.

Floor Sanding PrestonEdging sanders were then used by hand to achieve a seamlessly consistent finish. Once this process had been accomplished, wood repairs were completed which involved filling gaps and cracks in individual boards.

A buffing sander was then used to achieve a smooth surface ready for the finishing process. An application of oil, wax or lacquer can then offer the brilliant result that you can see in this picture. This is an incredibly important part of the process and we will take time to discuss your options with you; this will ensure you achieve the right look.

If you would like more information on our floor sanding services please call on 01257 270775. We will be happy to offer information and advice on the floor sanding process and what restoration results can be achieved.

We look forward to the opportunity and challenge of restoring your wood floors. Below are more images of the stunning restoration work we completed.

Floor Sanding LancashireFloor Sanding Blackburn







Floor Sanding SouthportFloor Sanding Preston